The Scottish Independence Podcast 179 – Walkin’ The Dog & April Fool’s

We’re back. A few episodes are ready to go.

To start off with, I think we are all in need of a laugh, so here’s something many of the show’s regular contributors and myself knocked up a few years ago for April Fool’s Day.

A lot of people on both sides of the debate didn’t realise we were joking.

Hope you enjoy.

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No Smoke Without Hellfire

Best Scare Story EverPossibly the best unionist scare story of all time.

The original story was from June 2012.

I use the word “unionist” deliberately as I don’t think the official Better Together campaign have gone quite this far yet.

However, they didn’t deny it – maybe they think there is no smoke without hellfire, however, it is time they denounced these extremists.

As it is Saturday night though, I think a nice musical rejoinder could be a good response for the Yes campaign to those startling biblical revelations…