Derek Bateman

For A’ That 41 – Shout!

Bhk8BJBIYAAXPzsFor the 41st episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by broadcaster and blogger Derek Bateman, former Socialist MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and writer and blogger William Duguid.

First we talked about the Sturgeon/Lamont stramash. At the risk of going against one of the things we thought was bad about it, was the real knockout blow actually delivered to the political process itself? Is it too simple just to say it was awful and move on? Were they both equally guilty? Do we (or well, the media) need to start using alternative formats?

Secondly we talked about the recent activities of the Tory government who seem to have been going round businesses begging them to say something negative about independence. Should we just be a bit stronger and tell them where to go?

Another topic was the Women for Indy project and the report it is going to publish shortly. Carolyn let us know what the main problems and outcomes were, and how much work there still is to do in this crucial area.

We also got on to the crowdfunding stories in the last week. Amazing, certainly, but why has this phenomenon started to gather pace and can we be sure the money is going where it’s needed most?

There is all that and more in the new episode.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to it you can pop us a donation too.)

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The Scottish Independence Podcast 45 – Derek Bateman

p00sk29lDerek Bateman is the guest for the 45th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast.

Here is what his BBC biog says about him…

Derek Bateman is a veteran of the Scottish news scene having begun as a trainee reporter with the Scotsman in his teens and spending the last 45 years covering politics and current affairs in various guises – as a reporter with the Glasgow Herald, political editor of Scotland on Sunday, a foreign correspondent for STV’s international output, a correspondent for the Observer and commentator and presenter at Radio Scotland.

Over the years he has specialised in politics, international affairs and Europe having been a regular observer of EU affairs in Brussels and Strasbourg. He followed the Troubles in Ireland from Dublin and Belfast and as a reporter and radio documentary-maker for BBC Scotland he has worked in Russia, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, France, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Denmark, Iceland and the Deep South of the United States. He has presented two presidential elections from Washington. He made a location documentary series on the Quebec referendum in 1995 and another on the handover of Hong Kong to China the following year.

Among the highlights of 20 years at the BBC – for him, if not the audience – are co-presenting Good Morning Scotland for 10 years and presenting the Saturday current affairs review Newsweek Scotland. He is a regular presenter of Westminster and Holyrood election night coverage and of by-elections. He occupied the presenter’s chair for the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.

The thing is though, Derek decided to chuck it all in so he could have his say in the Scottish Independence debate and since then his blogs have been lighting up the debate.

This podcast should lively up your evening a fair old bit as well.

Hope you enjoy…

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