Cold War

Film Guide (with free films) – Part 4 – War

A few years ago I used to run a biweekly free film showing in the University for anyone who wanted to come along. The films were a mix of documentaries, fiction and  based on true story stuff. I would try to get a guest along to speak too.

I thought I would make the list of films available here with links to where you can see them free where possible.

I’ve divided them into rough groups and posted links to where you can find them online if you want to. The first week I had some films about the media and the second was more economics, the third was biographies.

This time I thought some war films and all of these provide great antidotes to the usual swashbuckling hero nonsense.

Land & Freedom – The first, and one of my favourite films is Ken Loach’s Land & Freedom, which is more than loosely based on George Orwell’s book about the Spanish Civil War, Homage to Catalonia. It’s a magnificent film. Here is a link to watch the first part online and you can work your way through it.

All Quiet On The Western Front – There are two versions of this film and they are both good. It puts the lie, if you needed it put, to some of the ideas about the pointless mad slaughter that was World War 1. Here is the link to the first part of the 1979 version.

Dr Strangelove – I am sure most of you have seen this already but it is always worth the second (or third or fourth) look. No online link to this one but I love the story, most probably apocryphal, that Kubrick intended to make a serious film and then he noticed that the acronym for the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction was MAD and then changed the tone of the film (or the writing).