Clive Ponting

Scottish Independence Podcast 172 – Clive Ponting

16452911295.jpgThe 172nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is a speech given by Clive Ponting.

Ponting is a famous whistleblower who exposed the UK Government over the sinking of The Belgrano, an act many believe to be a war crime. He has also authored a number of books exposing various levels of skulduggery and/or incompetence at Whitehall.

This episode comes from a recent talk he gave in which he goes into those things, but also why he now resides in Scotland, why he loves it, and why he supports Scottish Independence.

(And from me a wee thanks to Phantom Power, he knows why).

Hope you enjoy.

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Journey To Yes 22 – Clive Ponting

Another in the wonderful series by Phantom Power.

This time it is Clive Ponting, a man who really knows what the British Government tends to get up to and why.

It’s partly an interview and partly taken from a talk. I am pleased to announce that in a sort of double feature, the new episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast (out tomorrow), will be that talk in its entirety, unedited.

That’s for tomorrow, but for tonight, here is Clive Ponting’s Journey To Yes (all the others in the series can be found here).