Playing For The Lost Bhoys 3

Some of my ramblings have been included in a new book chronicling the football season just finished from a very Celtic perspective.

Half of the proceeds from the Book will go to the Kano foundation.

The book is available in both print and eBook formats and the foreword is written by 3 time world snooker champion John Higgins.

As they say on the lostbhoys site themselves

This year 50% of the profits will be going to the fantastic Kano Foundation who do wonderful work in taking large groups of kids to Celtic Park to sample the match-day experience. Book 3 follows on from our last two books that benefitted the Good Child Foundation (Thai Tims) and the Celtic Graves Society. I’m often asked what about the other 50%? Well we cover any small hosting costs etc then last year we gave the rest of ‘our half’ of the profits to Football Aid. Nobody at LostBhoys takes a penny out of these publications personally.

Other books with my stuff here.

We Don’t Care If We Win, Lose or Draw

Whatever happens today I am happy about what we are all about.

I did a volunteer project in Nepal some years ago but these guys are amazing.

It says everything about what it is to be a Celtic supporter.

Please support The Good Child Foundation. Read about their history here or listen about it here.

Win or lose, we are Celtic.

PS, you can take the heaven line anyway you want, I am atheist that went to a Catholic school that did a project in a Hindu country who supports a non-exclusive club whose supporters are doing wonders in a Buddhist country. It’s nice to be a Celtic supporter -you just don’t need to have all the hatred.