center for public integrity


The Center for Public Integrity produced an analysis of the statements of the Bushco™ regarding Iraq.

They come up with a figure of ‘935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq’.

President Bush, for example, made 232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and another 28 false statements about Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda. Secretary of State Powell had the second-highest total in the two-year period, with 244 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 about Iraq’s links to Al Qaeda. Rumsfeld and Fleischer each made 109 false statements, followed by Wolfowitz (with 85), Rice (with 56), Cheney (with 48), and McClellan (with 14).

You can search the database yourself to see them all. If you don’t want to go through them all then you can look at what the compilers of the report believe to be the ‘Key False Statements‘.

The methodology is fairly simple if laborious and the bibliography is extensive.

Nothing much we didn’t already know but interesting enough nonetheless.

Democracy Now reported about this report the other day. I find it somewhat unlikely that CNN, the BBC and Fox will cover it.

CORRECTION – it appears they did mention it but I certainly didn’t see it getting the wall to wall coverage that all those false statements were getting.