Cat Boyd

Scottish Independence Podcast 144 – Cat Boyd & Yes 2

16412799663_82464c3dc0_bEpisode 144 of the Scottish Independence Podcast continues the series of talks given at the recent Scottish Independence Convention.

This time round there are two talks. The first was given by  Cat Boyd and the second by the people from Yes 2  – Tony McCandless and John McHarg.

Hope you enjoy.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast 92 – Cat Boyd

motherwell-3-5-cat-boyd-should-scotland-be-an-independent-country-youtubeFor the 92nd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke to Cat Boyd from the Radical Independence Campaign.

We expressed our joy at the arrival of the party leaders coming up from down south to tell us all what to think.

Well, no, we didn’t, but we talked about what effect this might have on the campaign and if we think their desperate promises of more powers will be believed.

We talked about the diversity of one campaign and the homogeneity of the other. Can you guess which was which?

Finally, as ever, I asked my guest their personal reasons for supporting Scottish Independence.

Hope you enjoy…

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