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For A’ That 41 – Shout!

Bhk8BJBIYAAXPzsFor the 41st episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by broadcaster and blogger Derek Bateman, former Socialist MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and writer and blogger William Duguid.

First we talked about the Sturgeon/Lamont stramash. At the risk of going against one of the things we thought was bad about it, was the real knockout blow actually delivered to the political process itself? Is it too simple just to say it was awful and move on? Were they both equally guilty? Do we (or well, the media) need to start using alternative formats?

Secondly we talked about the recent activities of the Tory government who seem to have been going round businesses begging them to say something negative about independence. Should we just be a bit stronger and tell them where to go?

Another topic was the Women for Indy project and the report it is going to publish shortly. Carolyn let us know what the main problems and outcomes were, and how much work there still is to do in this crucial area.

We also got on to the crowdfunding stories in the last week. Amazing, certainly, but why has this phenomenon started to gather pace and can we be sure the money is going where it’s needed most?

There is all that and more in the new episode.

Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to it you can pop us a donation too.)

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The Scottish Independence Podcast – Independence Rally Sep 23 2014

BU1i-umCIAAcBWZThis is a special edition of the podcast featuring some music, some opinions from the crowd and some of the speeches from the Independence Rally in Edinburgh on 21st September 2014.

The idea is to give those of you who were there a nice little keepsake of it, and for those like me who were unfortunate enough not to be able to make it, to give an idea of what weBUrkKWvCMAAp12ant on.

I’m well aware of course that the best thing about going to this type of political event is not the speeches, but rather the people you meet and the camaraderie. However, it’s quite difficult to put that onto an MP3 so this is the best I can do for the podcast!

There are many speakers featured including four who have featured on the podcast before (Carolyn Leckie, Patrick Harvie, Colin Fox, Alan Bissett). There were also contributions from Elaine C Smith, Hardeep Singh Kholi and many others.

Songs include work by Citizen Smart, as well as someone playing in the street!

Hope you enjoy…


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For A’ That 30 – Full Frontal

For episode 30 of the For A’ That podcast I was joined by former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and New Statesman contributor and co-editor of Bella Caledonia, James Maxwell. Andrew wasn’t with us as he had some wetlands to vex.

BJ8FtJ-CcAAUOLf.jpg largeOur discussion started with the accusations this week that all is not as it seems with Labour For Indy. Is it a front group, is the hand of the SNP behind it? Carolyn and Jamie seemed to feel the whole story says more about our media than it does about the group itself.

We moved on to the Unions and their reticence to get involved officially so far.

Salmond’s interview on Russia Today provoked a little discussion, and not just about what he actually said.

We discussed the form of democracy Scotland should take after Indy. For example, should there be further referendums on issues like monarchy and currency? Should the parliament be unicameral or bicameral. If there is a second chamber, how could that be organised?

Finally, we spoke about James’ recent article in which he suggested that aside from damaging (or not) the Yes campaign, the campaign of Better Together is just generally damaging.

I also had a little announcement to make, about which you can learn more here.

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Michael Greenwell

For A’ That – Episode 5 – All Aboard!

For the fifth episode of the For A’ That podcast we have ventured into a new area for us in that we had a 4-way discussion.

Joining  Andrew and myself this time were former Scottish Socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie and Mike Small the editor of Bella Caledonia.

We discussed the goings on at the Radical Indy conference in Glasgow last Saturday and some of the media coverage thereof, the idea of voter registration campaigns before the referendum and the murky world of funding and how it relates to £750 dinners  gets a look in again.

We also discussed the necessity of having a serious dialogue about gender in Scotland.

Finally, we had a word about that flier. All Aboard!

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The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 9 – Women For Indy With Carolyn Leckie

Podcast 9 is up.

This time I speak with former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and founder member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie.

We talked about the Women For Indy group and what its origins and aims are and how people can get involved. We also talked about her time as a Member of the Scottish Parliament and the opportunities provided and frustrations caused by being involved in the political process on that side of things.

Thanks also to Karine Polwart for allowing us to use her song What Are You Waiting For.

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Hope you enjoy it.

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