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Scottish Independence Podcast 160 – Ian Hamilton QC

Ian Hamilton QuoteThe 160th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast is an interview with Ian Hamilton QC, probably most known for going down to London with some friends and /taking back/stealing/repatriating/borrowing (delete as you wish) The Stone of Destiny/Scone. I have always wanted to have him on the show but unfortunately it wasn’t me that got to interview him, it was instead Mike Small of Bella Caledonia (Bella also has a fundraiser), who has allowed me to make it up into an episode here.

We get some great details on the story of the taking of stone and about the independence movement and its history.

Hope you enjoy.

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The Scottish Independence Podcast Episode 6 – Mike Small

Podcast number 6 is online and ready to listen.

This time is with Mike Small from Bella Caledonia and we talk about media strategy for the Yes campaign, Johann Lamont, the concept of Universalism, and JK Rowling even gets a look-in.

Also, in the light of the recent criticism she has suffered, Johann Lamont sent us a message.

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