Recently I have made quite a lot of the kind of picture on your right with the person and something of value and/or funny that they have said.

These have been made over a while and I think there is something there for everyone. Feel free to download and use them but at least give me a link back and try to email me to tell me you did so.

At time of writing these include quotes and pics by Voltaire, Diderot, Nick Cave, Eugene Debs, Mary Wollstonecraft, Emma Goldman, Jonathan Swift, George Orwell, Chopin, Aldo Leopold, Kurt Vonnegut, Carl Sagan, Bill Hicks, Douglas Adams, Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein, Antonio Gramsci, James Kelman and too many more to mention. Some of them are in English but I have translated some into Italian as well.

The P.Z. Myers one was done by Philip Challinor and one of them was translated into Catalan by Anna Arque.

Like I said, I think there is something for everyone there if you look down them. I have uploaded roughly in the order they were done so the newest ones are at the bottom.

They are also available to flick through in the opposite order (newest to oldest) on Flickr.

Before the quotes pictures though, I have included a few others that I made using generators that you may like….

Aldo LeopoldStanislaw Lem GeniusStanislaw Lem quotes hitStanislaw Lem Quotes Human Existence3rdPynchonblack1Thomas Mann epochThoman Mann Reason QuoteSunsetSartre VictimsJay Gould Einstein quoteHoffman Sacred CowsHoffman Measure of DemocracyHicks CreazionismoGray quotes Independent nationsBrecht Science QuotesBrecht quotes artBanks quote warsBakhunin people's stickBakhunin Freedom Without EqualityArseholesTony Hancock Quote

Susan B Anthony QuotedorothyBNMsFYwCIAAH7Q5.jpg large Thomas Mann quotes warShelley QuoteThomas Paine LibertyThomas Paine Liberty (2)Thomas Paine Quotes VirtueThoreau


  1. Hoon was the invisible Def Sec. He was never able to make a decision on his own and generally towed Bliar’s line with a vengeance. Wanker.

  2. scotland would be financially viable if it had some sort of economy. “hey where’s our banking sector gone?”

    she’s pretty hot though that girl.

  3. Hi Michael, – great websit, fantastic cause – and thanks for using my image on your pod cast ( ‘Kingdom inglorious’ – the Union Jack with red/blood draining off) it is copyright, but for your pod cast thumbnail, for Scotland, (!) I don’t mind it being used at all…. Hunted Fox

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