All the videos I made are here (or being uploaded) on my vimeo channel.

They are a mix of different things. Sometimes I have done some editing with live action and others just edited some audio clips with pictures. On the channel itself (but not on this page here on this site) are some other little things by other people that I liked.

Also on the channel there are some interviews I recorded with writers and academics. They can be found here and here but also as mp3 files, one and two.

Here they are in no particular order. There is a mix of  the political, environmental, musical, funny and bizarre. There are also one or two things I just recorded in the street by luck and a couple of travel things.

There is a feed for the video channel too but you can’t download from there. To do that, get a vimeo account or just go here and follow instructions.

Turbine or Power Station?

This has always seemed a rather simple argument to me but lots of people want to obfuscate for their own motives.

Whale Meat

This is quite harsh. Brutal video for a brutal subject. I hate whaling and its apologists. The audio is from satirist Chris Morris.

American Officials Say

An excerpt from a speech made by Robert Fisk.

Wish You Were Here

A film about the gathering crisis of animal extinction

Why Propaganda Works

Audio clip from Noam Chomsky with images…

Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition

This was my first video. I heard the real song of the same title and it begged for a video…

Gorillas & Us

I don’t like creationism. Neither did Douglas Adams, here is a little video. The audio is from his book Last Chance To See.

The Wall Street Gang


Buy Nothing Day – Unofficial Video

The Audio is from Chris Morris.

Gorillas & Us

I don’t like creationism. Neither did Douglas Adams, here is a little video. The audio is from his book Last Chance To See.


Most of what comes out of the TV and radio at us every day is nonsense.

What You Like

Short, direct and simple and with the aid of Kyle from South Park.

Imperial Measures

I was contacted to make a video for this song about the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

How Far Is It From Here to Nuremberg

A video I made using a David Rovics song about the Bushies…

Richard Nixon Shows The Arrogance of Power



  1. Thanks for those films. I’ve watched a couple of them and will watch the others soon. In particular, I thought Gorillas and Us was excellent (note: the link from the title is broken, so I watched it on YouTube… might be worth updating the link?). The film made the point clearly and succinctly. Nice one.

    That said, the pedant in me doesn’t like to hear (or read) phrases like “Douglas Adams didn’t like creationism – neither do I”

    Personally I think creationism is fine; it’s creationists that get on my nerves. “Creationism” (i.e. the belief that an omnipotent god, in our own image, supernaturally created the entire universe in a defined period of time) is simply our culture’s creation myth. It’s no different to the myth among the Iatmul of New Guinea that Kevembuangga (the great culture hero) slew the gian crocodile, Kavwokmali, whose constant paddling kept the universe in a state of chaos. With the death of Kavwokmali, water and dry land could finally separate from one another, and the world as we know it came into being.

    Creation myths are an important part of any culture. The problem stems from the fact that our own culture has developed (possibly the first time this has happened) a clear and important distinction between myth and history. Creationists are those who appear unable to adjust to this new model of reality. Because this distinction doesn’t exist in Iatmul culture (for instance), the notion of “creationism” Vs. the scientific explanation is meaningless.

    In a culture where such a distinction does exist, however, it’s clearly not meaningless. Which is why creationists are so annoying.

    Anthropologically speaking, however, there is much to be learned by comparing and contrasting the creation myths of various cultures (including our own). Few have written so well on this as Gregory Bateson (see The Science of Mind and Order, for a short and accessible introduction).

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