For Those Remaining Few Of You…

I had never seen this before.

If you were one of those people that thought, or still thinks, that Obama was a beacon, a ray of progressive hope and so on, this might just kill off that nonsense for you.

Obama gives the orders for drone attacks to happen. They also openly admt that they kill innocent people and even more, it’s quite clear they just fire first and then don’t worry about it later.

Here is how seriously he seems to take that…


I’ve never been the biggest fan of Obama for a number of reasons, one of the chief amongst them being that fundamentally he has changed very little.

I’m also not the biggest fan of Bill O’Reilly, even though it should be obvious why, I think the section on him in this should provide more information.

Therefore, a discussion between the two isn’t natural viewing but I watched it anyway.

The thing I’m sure you’ll notice if you watch it is how badly rattled Obama was and how unconvincing. Very unusual from him.