Tory Govt Launches New ‘No Deal’ Brexit Economic Plan



Images Leaked From Scottish Labour Leadership Meetings

The following images were leaked out of the high-level (sic) Scottish Labour leadership discussions that are taking place*.

New Labour Leadership.jpg

*not really.

Scottish Independence Podcast 155 – A Party Political

BorisBTIt’s good to give time to your opponents, so for the 155th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I’ve decided to cover this election broadcast by the Scottish Conservatives. (Warning, Explicit Content ).

Hope you enjoy.

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ScotIndyPod 141 – The New Old Year

The Scottish Independence Podcast is checking back in for 2017 and episode 141 is our way of starting it off by giving some time to our opponents (explicit content).express-cover-montage.

Hope you enjoy…

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The Likely News – One – 5th May 2017


5th May 2017 –

Glasgow City Chambers and the surrounding area has been cordoned off for reasons of public safety.

The drama began early this morning. After emerging victorious in the Council elections and winning control of Glasgow City Council, new SNP councillors entered the City Chambers and began to look at files previously unavailable to them relating to decisions and deals made by the city council over the last 60 years.


After the container which held the files was opened, a loud bang was heard, followed by otherwordly screams. Jim Murphy, 50, unemployed, was in George Square at the time and described the scene.

It was as if all the demons of hell* had been let loose and all the terrors of the past had come out to get us.

People fled the scene as cars swerved and there were collisions in the confusion.

As yet there is no footage from inside the City Chambers as the police are denying access, however, local artist Clip Part has provided a pair of sketches based on eyewitness accounts..



David Torrance was available for comment.

*(Hell does not actually exist)

The Scottish Independence Podcast 138 – Unified Mandates

outsourcing-united-peopleThis new special short episode is either going to make you laugh or make you feel you’ve been dragged into a strange otherworld.

That’s all I’m saying.

Hope you enjoy.

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Blow For Sturgeon As NASA Post Beautiful Picture

There was outrage today as NASA posted a possibly doctored photo of Scotland from space.

Traditional journalistic wisdom would suggest that Scotland was too wee to appear that big and that beautiful.

Some were quick to complain that it showed a lack of balance in that three pictures of an enlarged England had not been posted first.

CqApv2bWYAQ5Ol5.jpg largeSeveral pro-union commentators were also quick to point out that this showed NASA’s well-known Scottish nationalist bias, and said that these scientists, who do amazing feats of scientific precision, needed to listen to some right-wingers with humanities degrees if they wanted to have any idea of what was going on.

The BBC said the dimensions of Scotland in the photo did not correspond with BBC guidelines, and that even if they had, they were unhappy about the whole thing anyway as it didn’t correspond with the Empire’s world view.

The Express said that they didn’t really know or care what was going on, but whatever it was, it was definitely a blow for Sturgeon.

Scottish labour were available for comment, but no one wanted to listen.