Journey To Yes 15

The excellent Phantom Power has been publishing the next second series of Journey To Yes.

He is one of the most important assets the yes side have in this debate.

You can watch all of them on this site or on youtube.

(He also had me in one of his films, along with the Wee Ginger Dug. and some time ago I had him on the podcast.)

Scottish Independence Podcast 149 – Something Fishy

A recent episode of the Lesley Riddoch podcastCH5UlZFW8AE9r1R.jpg mentioned a couple of things regarding what’s going to happen to fishing and agriculture in Scotland post-brexit. I felt what they were talking about was so important that we should go straight to the horse’s mouth, and then to the horses a***s (Mundell & Farage).

So for the 149th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I’ve pulled together the relevant comments and something fishy does indeed seem to be going on.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you click THIS LINK .

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