The latest film by Phantom Power (you can find them all here) features a Scot living in Gothenburg and a German living in Scotland.

They discuss how Brexit, which Scotland did not vote for, is going to create difficulties.



I think this should be a useful reminder before tomorrow of how well the Unionist parties have represented Scotland in Europe.

These are the populations and number of people in European parliament for some of the smaller countries in Europe.

Can you see which one appears to be different? If you can, can you work out why that might be?

Malta = 403,532                   MEP’s = 5

Luxembourg = 486,006    MEP’s = 6

Cyprus = 792,604                MEP’s = 6

Estonia = 1,307,605            MEP’s = 6

Slovenia = 2,007,711         MEP’s = 7

Latvia = 2,245,423              MEP’s  = 9

Lithuania = 3,700,000     MEP’s = 13

Ireland = 4,156,119            MEP’s 13

Scotland = 5,062,011 MEP’s = 6

Finland = 5,244,749          MEP’s = 14

Slovakia = 5,455,407        MEP’s = 14

Denmark = 5,484,723       MEP’s = 14


Before everything resolves into election chat today I just want to point out that there is a general strike in Greece.

Good luck Greek strikers, I hope you win.

“There are other things the [government] can do, before taking money from a pensioner who earns 500 euros (£430) a month,”

– Spyros Papaspyros

(Photo from older protest)

Cartoon by THE PLEB


My first reaction on seeing the gains made by the far right in Europe was to hope that the people of Africa and Asia will be kinder to us when we are  banging their door for help than we have been to them.

My second reaction was to think I wouldn’t blame them if they weren’t.

The usual suspects can be blamed for all this. Low turnout is one thing but the media being generally to the right and the supposed left’s inability to inspire people because they simply water down the right’s policies are more important.

The Greens seem to have completely lost their way when they are needed most. This was another major cause for concern. I can only assume it is because voters have been buying into the other parties new green propaganda.

The fact that Scotland proved to be going in a different direction was a comfort, but not that big. The SNP [the party for independence] made huge gains in Scotland, despite being midterm. It also highlights again the differences between Scotland and England, furthering the independence cause.

The Greeks also ignored the general drift right so well done to them. Make mine an Ouzo.

Berlusconi is angry in Italy because his party didn’t do as well as expected so on balance that is a good thing.

Well done also to the Swedish pirate party who, I imagine against their own expectations, will be sending someone to the parliament.

I’ll leave you with these quotes from a certain Mr Orwell. Terminologies and times have changed but the messages still stand…

“We have got to admit that if Fascism is everywhere advancing, this is largely the fault of the Socialists themselves. Partly it is due to the mistaken communist tactic of sabotaging democracy, i.e. sawing off the branch you are sitting on; but still more to the fact that Socialists have, so to speak, presented their case wrong side foremost. They have never made it sufficiently clear that the essential aims of Socialism are justice and liberty.” (The Road to Wigan Pier, p.188).

“Hitler’s after us! Let’s all grab a spanner and get together, and perhaps if we smash in enough faces they won’t smash ours. Gang up, choose your Leader. Hitler’s black and Stalin’s white. But it might as well be the other way about, because in the little chap’s mind both Hitler and Stalin are the same. Both mean spanners and smashed faces.” (Coming Up for Air p. 149).


Well done Ireland for showing us the way against the odds again. As my friend Lonesome sparrow points out, the ‘No’ campaign was outspent 20 to 1.

Despite that, the people of Ireland have rejected the Lisbon Treaty by 53.4% to 46.6% meaning that the treaty in its current form cannot be adopted as EU policy.

He further says what I have been repeating for some time…these reforms that certain of the power and business people want keep coming up in different forms. I am sure they are already planning the next way to try and deceive the people of Europe into accepting these manifestly unpopular measures.

Whenever this has come up for a referendum, the people have said no. Long may it continue.

Thank you Ireland.

The result has put me in a good mood so here is some party time stuff for friday night…