The Scottish Independence Podcast 134 – Dr Craig Dalzell on Scotland’s Currency Options

Gt1wRDr8.jpg largeFor the 134th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I spoke with Dr Craig Dalzell.

Craig recently wrote a paper outlining the possible currency options for an independent Scotland. This is important work because an aspect of the Yes side that was much criticised during and after the 2014 referendum was the perceived lack of a strategy on what to do about currency. I say “perceived” because much of it came down to perception, not fact.

We talked about why the 2014 plan may or may not have been right at the time, but probably wouldn’t be the correct strategy for indyref 2.

Would the Euro work? Scottish Pound? A crypto-currency?

We also talked about what the hell a crypto-currency actually is.

And of course, I asked Craig why he supports Independence for Scotland.

Hope you enjoy.

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The Neoliberal Condition

The Against The Grain podcast has many good episodes and I’ve only recently got round to catching up with a few of them.

I really can’t recommend this one highly enough. Go to this link and download Michel Fehrer’s talk on how…

“neoliberal policies have turned individuals, corporations, and states into credit-seeking asset managers. Those people deemed asset-less (whom Feher calls “discredited”) are being disposed of, in four distinct ways.”

It’s not exactly light listening, but not terribly heavy on the ear either. Really, make the time for it.

If You Keep Voting For Neoliberals, This Is What Happens – Part 7

Cameron’s Lord Mayor banquet speech. Some highlights.

We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently.

He continued…

an economy where everyone can take part.

Here are the people he was speaking to, making do with less, at an invitation only event…


He also said…

We can’t just go back to how things used to be.


He said this in some sort of BaBritish Prime Minister David Cameron speech at Lord Mayors Banquetronial Hall, sitting next to someone on a gold throne…

He went on to say…

Inequality is not just wrong – it fundamentally disadvantages our economy.

He said this whilst wearing this suit, which probably cost more than most people earn in a month and yet which he possibly/probably didn’t pay for himself…

Spelled Out

One of my favourite comments in all of the Independence debate so far is…

“If we get Independence I will personally drive Tony Benn up to Scotland to be leader of Scottish Labour and give them some backbone”.

In this video he explains the neoliberal project we are still suffering under quickly and in clear language.

It’s well worth a few minutes viewing…