Who is more troll? The troll or the troll that…

So the Herald took down their article with David Icke criticising Nicola Sturgeon.

Yes, David Icke. Maybe it was click-bait for a newspaper in desperate need of readership, maybe it was just for a laugh, maybe it was really the usual “let’s find anyone, no matter how ludicrous, who has anything to say against Scottish Independence”.

Whatever it was, it was worse than the usual crap and absurdities. In the middle of a global pandemic people who distribute false science information are dangerous (that includes the President of the United States). Giving them publicity like this is the exact opposite of informing and enlightening the public, which is definitely part of how many   journalists tend to describe their role.

Just to repeat, this was David Icke they gave space to, because he sad something bad about Sturgeon.

In case you were unaware of the sort of thing Icke believes, or at least publishes, here are some of his dribblings…

2013-01-23 22.33.27

2013-01-23 22.37.16

2013-01-20 22.43.52

2013-01-19 22.36.37

2013-01-20 20.04.18

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