An Odd video to use as pro Scottish Independence (but it perfectly illustrates one of my reasons)

Here is an English woman conversing with an English man.

The man in this video is a wonderful pianist. He does videos surprising the public with his piano playing (jazz, boogie woogie, blues) and there are lots of videos where he makes the passing punters happy, and even teaches some of them how to play a bit.

However, in this one the woman clearly just sees the hood, and has an attitude that is frankly infuriating. There she is, seemingly reading the music, but she says she isn’t, so maybe it was just for fun? He says he would like to learn how to read music (which is probably a joke as you’ll see but we have no way of knowing for sure), she tells him to go and look it up. Fair enough.

But it is all done with a very patrician and condescending attitude, she also tells him to start at the beginning, assuming no knowledge.

After she concedes the piano to him, he plays Bach (Prelude and Fuge No. 1 in C major. BWV 846) but she has clearly only seen the hood and doesn’t even seem to notice, or doesn’t want to acknowledge, that he is playing it and playing it well.

The pianist then kicks into his usual boogie woogie stuff, at that point she attempts to scold him “don’t bash the piano” (she only saw the hood), and walks off disgusted.

Horrendous snobs can be found everywhere, but the attitude and behaviour that you can see in this video is exhibited on a daily basis towards Scotland in Westminster and in the media. This is “Know Your Place” writ large. It’s just an English woman talking to an English man I know, but of the two very different character types in the video, which one is charge of what happens in the UK?



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