El podcast de la Independència de Catalunya


“We hereby constitute the Catalan Republic as an independent, sovereign, legal, democratic, socially-conscious state”

You can download here if you click THIS LINK .

You can listen online at the show’s spreaker webpage, or you can subscribe with itunes. We can also be found on youtube and on facebook.

These podcasts are independently minded and independently funded, you can help to keep them going by making a donation.



  1. So the abominable Rajoy gets the crisis he wanted and presents himself as the saviour of Spain, the Spanish Socialists have little choice but to support him, given how unpopular Catalan independence is in the rest of Spain, and Puidgemont pushes ahead with independence when 40% of his Parliament refused to take part in the vote and when we don’t know what the outcome of an uncluttered referendum, with separatists and unionists both participating, would have been.

    Not a happy situation

  2. It’s not ideal and I did not add comment, I merely played the declaration and crowd response.

    However, democratic legitimacy is only on one side here as the Spanish (Francoist, more or less) govt has done literally everything to obstruct, impede and subvert democracy, including violence.

    1. Francoist? hardly, any more than, say, Theresa May is fascist. There’s a difference between deliberately deployed police brutality. and mass graves, as there is between outmanoeuvering the opposition, and arresting it en masse

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