Scottish Independence Podcast 154 – McSmörgåsbord

BUKIobwCYAAKGqQ.jpg largeAt the moment there isn’t really enough talk about choices. Everything  is being presented as either a future in Brexit UK (with all the lack of choices that entails), or an independent future in the EU.

However there are more options than that available. If one looks to Scandinavia it is possible to see many different types of engagement and activity with Europe, from full membership and trying to change things from within, to various kinds of halfway house.

In this talk presented here in the 154th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, Lesley Riddoch outlines the options, and there are many of them that are appealing.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you click THIS LINK .

You can listen online at the show’s spreaker webpage, or you can subscribe with itunes. We can also be found on youtube and on facebook.


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