Marching On

The National ran a story yesterday regarding the next big Indy March in Glasgow…

ACTIVISTS planning a pro-independence march face a five-figure security bill after council bosses ordered them to pay professional guards.

20160730_104901.jpgI have underlined some important parts here…

Organisers say 5,000 people attended the last March for Independence organised by All Under One Banner (AUOB), which travelled from the west end of Glasgow to the city centre in July, though official estimates put the number at 3,000. There was no trouble and no arrests were made. However, after the event, Glasgow City Council told organisers they would in future have to pay for professional security guards to ensure public safety and moved to refer further applications to the Public Processions Committee, which normally only deals with bids by groups like the Scottish Defence League. 

Costs will now be extremely prohibitive given that they will need “one steward for every 10 people attending, with the group projecting a turnout of as many as 10,000”.

With no arrests and no trouble at all at the last march, this does seem to be far too heavy-handed. You could be forgiven for thinking that Glasgow City Council do not want the next March to go ahead. It’s up to us not to let them stop it.

Nor can we allow it to pass without comment that they are lumping the Yes movement in with groups like the SDL.

To illustrate, the photo here is of an SDL “march”.


And now here is a little timeline of the events of the Indy March in July which I was at and was covering live as well as doing interviews for a podcast special.

FireShot Screen Capture #365 - 'ScotIndyPodcast on Twitter_ _This was before it got started_ By luck, with the weird light, this looks pretty good #indymarch https___t_co_V5mZMjZUPO_' - twitter_com_mgreenwell_status.png









A fearsome bunch as you can all see.

I even made a video to let you see the savagery.

Funnily enough, the only bother actually came from the unionist side…

march 2.png

FireShot Screen Capture #364 - 'ScotIndyPodcast on Twitter_ _2nd strange unionist comment of the day_ Someone walked past this & said _it's like a secret society__ https___t_co_dpoYPF7GBf_' - twitter_com_mgreenwell_.png

If you want to hear the only bit of bother coming from an SDL type, it’s at around 11 minutes in the episode I made.


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