That Small Fundraiser Time of Year Again

Once a year, the podcast has to pay a bill.

As I said this time last year…

With these podcasts I try (or have to try) to keep the direct costs as low as possible and I generally keep it down to the following

Internet bill

A decent new set of headphones with microphone every so often

An mp3 voice recorder for out and about recordings

Phone calls when it is not possible to record over skype or in person

And this is the biggest one – Internet hosting for all the episodes

That said, I am basically self-employed and all time spent on the podcasts is time I could otherwise spend working, and therefore does actually cost me. A basic rule is that if you hear an hour of podcast, between finding guests and agreeing what/how/when we are going to do the podcast, research, recording, editing, uploading, fixing glitches, promoting and blog posts, that one hour of audio has taken 7 or 8 hours to put together. A day’s work if you like.

All of that still applies, and we are a little short of target to pay the bill tomorrow.

If you would like to donate to help out, the button is on the right of this page. Without meeting the target, the podcasts will be offline for a week or two until I can get it sorted out.

Anything small or large is much appreciated.



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