The Scottish Independence Podcast 139 – Billy Kay

dfVeu1g_.jpegDid you know that it isn’t only Scotland that has “the cringe”? They have it in other places too, it just goes by a different name.

For the 139th (sort of) episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Billy Kay, and the above is only one of the subjects we talked about.

Billy has for years been writing, broadcasting and producing material on Scottish Culture and Scots language, for the BBC and internationally, and is often to be seen giving talks around the country. He also currently has a show you can listen to on the iplayer… Scotland’s Black History.

I asked him to come on because he is one of the best qualified people to talk about the importance of building confidence in Scottish culture, and how that plays into the campaign for Scottish Indepence.

At the end of the episode there is also a little Robert-the-Brucie bonus, which regards this.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you click THIS LINK .

You can listen online via the spreaker webpage, or you can subscribe with itunes. We can also be found on youtube and on facebook.



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