The Scottish Independence Podcast 132 – Danny McGregor

3mR77ny8For the 132nd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast, I got in touch with Danny McGregor.

Danny is a member of the Scottish Greens and is campaigning for Indyref 2. He also recently wrote an article for Bella Caledonia in which he talked about the various possibilities for the timing of the second independence referendum. There are those that think we have to seize the moment of uncertainty that exists now. Others suggest that we have to wait until the polls are steadily showing a large lead for yes.

These are difficult options to juggle, and they were the main focus of our discussion.

Also, if you remember episode 129 in which I interviewed lots of people at the March for Indy, I found some interviews that were accidentally not included in that special episode (they were in a different folder), and wanted to put them on one of the shows, so they are in this one. Those interviews include one Bob Duncan, who you may know from BBC Scotlandshire.

Hope you enjoy.

You can download here if you right click THIS LINK and “save as”

You can listen to the show online or you can subscribe with itunes. We can alse be found on youtube and on facebook too.




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