Somone’s Got To Say It

I recently came across this old World War 1 recruitment poster that I had never seen before and, I assume like most of you, I could easily think of answers for the questions.

I have written them below the image…


  1. Probably more satisfied than I would have been sitting in a mudhole being shot at and having to shoot people who hadn’t done me any wrong.
  2. Not really, I wish they hadn’t worn it either.
  3. I hope it would have been something medical, or speaking against the grand lethal festival of futility that World War One actually was.
  4. “Son, the first World War was an utterly futile waste of time. Millions of young men were sent to die for no discernible reason other than internal squabbles between European aristocrats”.


  1. I imagine that nowadays it would be hard to find many men or women who would say otherwise but that is with the benefit of our 20/20 hindsight.

    It is extremely difficult to judge what any of us would do in the same circumstances. We have knowledge and instant information to hand from technology that wasn’t available to our forebears.

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