Blow For Sturgeon As NASA Post Beautiful Picture

There was outrage today as NASA posted a possibly doctored photo of Scotland from space.

Traditional journalistic wisdom would suggest that Scotland was too wee to appear that big and that beautiful.

Some were quick to complain that it showed a lack of balance in that three pictures of an enlarged England had not been posted first.

CqApv2bWYAQ5Ol5.jpg largeSeveral pro-union commentators were also quick to point out that this showed NASA’s well-known Scottish nationalist bias, and said that these scientists, who do amazing feats of scientific precision, needed to listen to some right-wingers with humanities degrees if they wanted to have any idea of what was going on.

The BBC said the dimensions of Scotland in the photo did not correspond with BBC guidelines, and that even if they had, they were unhappy about the whole thing anyway as it didn’t correspond with the Empire’s world view.

The Express said that they didn’t really know or care what was going on, but whatever it was, it was definitely a blow for Sturgeon.

Scottish labour were available for comment, but no one wanted to listen.



  1. More Unionist shite again when will those in Westminster and the News Media get a ??cking a brain.. Nicola has no cause for concern. Same old tactics as before the 2014 referendum There no gan tae work this time you dunderheids

  2. Oh It came from The British Blawhard Corporation they tell as many lies as Westminster and they tell an encyclopedia worth of lies every day. The Newspapers make me piss myself laughing everyday

      1. Lol lol lol I knew some people wouldn’t get this, I shared it on my fb page to see how many of my friends don’t get it!

  3. FACT!! SCOTLAND has been measured from North to The South and East To West and Just taking into account Mainland Scotland Coastline and not the addition wonderfully Northern And Western Isles Communities we have Scotland Coastline measures larger that Little Britain whoops meant Little England with there massive London Ego NO offence to the majority of wonderfully real English and true English people from all the varying counties from the Scottish Borders to the very southern tip of England don’t in Penzance their are far more better parts of England than just the stuck up snowy up their own assessment that’s mainly from the south East and funny the richest part of England per head of population outwith the filthy stinking London Bubble and the site within the M25 Orbital.
    I’m an Ex Soldier of 18 Years and had the honour to serve in some lovely places as well as some hellish places that all seem to fall south off the Watford Gap and I had that said to me back in the 1070 by lads from differing get parts of London and England in General .
    And still 40 years on it feels the same and I heard a news commentator funny enough refer to what did and did not exist North of the Watford Gap LOL.Just brilliant and true.

  4. The date above was meant to say the 1970s and the snotty nosed filthy rich up there own assessment many in the South East of England ,south of the filthy London Bubble and Kent.
    All he’ll let loose when the train line to the euro tunnelling was to be running through their do not touch my county Kingdom of Kent.Shower of ducked up snotty nosed out of touch stinking rich think they are better than everyone else.
    Hey more to life than money you that’s are so tight you hate parting with cash to pay for anything. I’VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES WHEN I WAS IN THE ARMY.FRIGGIN SNOBS.

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