A First Little Thought on the Common Social

On Saturday Common Space launched their new social media platform The Common Social.

Hundreds of people have already made an account and it seems to be going well.

paartyAt the beginning of any new platform however, no one is quite sure exactly what it is or what it is going to be yet. And the way it develops and finally comes to be used is often not exactly the way the designers planned because users come in and start to get creative, and I think this is what will happen in the next few weeks. It’s quite exciting.

What is certain so far is that a good platform has been provided for people to get involved with other activists and interested people.

Aside from the normal timeline style posts, there are spaces for local groups that allow people who live near each other to share ideas and, alternative media outlets, reading recommendations, strategy discussions and so on.

Get yourself signed up.

At the same time, do not forget to get your group into the Yes Registry, which is another important and useful project. Finally, for camapaigning materials, don’t forget to use AyeMail.


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