The Turnout 2 – On Homeopathy, with Michael Marsh

5AgJv6Fn_400x400For the 2nd episode of The Turnout I spoke with journalist Michael Marshall of The Good Thinking Society (as well as the Be Reasonable podcast and others).

Michael was the man behind the 10:23 campaign  which was a …

mass overdose of homeopathy outside branches of Boots UK in several major cities throughout the country, to publicly demonstrate the inefficacy of homeopathic products and protest against their sale.

I asked Michael about the history of homeopathy and what it actually is, or indeed isn’t. I also asked him about it’s availability on the NHS in various parts of the country and what should be done about it.

We also got on to some of the wider dangers of “medicines” that are not based on any solid science.

Hope you enjoy

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