Scotland’s Missing Histories – Episode 3 – The 45 (with Maggie Craig)

mcbrolly1forwebsiteWhat do you know about the 45? Not the 45% of people who voted yes, I mean the events of 1745.

We’ve almost been conditioned to believe that a gang of highlanders/catholics (referred to as Bare-arsed Banditti) were led on a fools’ errand by an effete Italian buffoon and that the whole thing ended  in a sort of Scottish civil war at Culloden.

As happens so often in history, the well-worn narrative that we all know doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter.

51ipLr4QmtL._AC_UL320_SR194,320_.jpgTo get a better picture of the events of 1745 I spoke with Maggie Craig, who is the author of two books on the subject. Firstly she wrote Damn Rebel Bitches, about the women of the 45, and then she followed that up with Bare-arsed Banditti, about the men of the 45.

I think after this half hour you’ll have changed your views on those events.

Hope you enjoy…

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If there is any story from Scottish history that you feel people need to know more about, leave a note in the comments or email me and I will try to put something together.

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