More Than Lingering

hqdefault“It is very disappointing that the SNP Government don’t deem this an event that is worthwhile of whole hearted and enthusiastic support. Perhaps this is an indication that there is still a lingering republican sentiment within the SNP ranks that the party hierarchy don’t want to upset.”

The above is from Murdo Fraser, who has also been saying some other odd things today.

The event in question is some sort of torch/beacon thing in the fantasy land known as Unionist Middle-Earth to celebrate the hundred and-eleventieth birthday of Betty Windsor-Saxe-Coburg-Gandalf. CgP-TkVWIAAlB4q

Apparently it is outrageous that the SNP are not wasting, sorry, spending, some government money on this.

Furthermore, it appears that some of them have, just like you and me, been so evil as to never even have heard of this thing before.

Speaking as someone who has more than a little “lingering republican sentiment” but is not “in the SNP ranks”, I’d like to say this is one of the most heartening things I have seen in ages.

Mark Twain Royalty.jpg


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