The Scottish Independence Podcast 123 – Craig Murray

screen-shot-2012-03-24-at-15-42-53For the 123rd episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Craig Murray.

Craig is a former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, a post which he resigned in protest over what he saw as the collusion of the UK government in torture.

In his career he has also held Foreign Office positions in the EU and Africa, and wrote Murder In Samarkand.

He is now a human rights campaigner and also campaigned very vocally for a Yes vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum. Now that the referendum has passed, Craig feels no one is making the case for independence forcefully enough, and that was the main focus of our discussion, but we also took in the wider scene around the world.

Hope you enjoy…

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Finally, if you want to watch Craig’s recommendation, you can see the full thing here.


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