By Royal Logic…

So according to Prince William, the kind of thing in the first photo below is “barbaric” if the animal is still fertile, but not barbaric if the animal is old and someone pays money that goes to the conservation of the rest of them.

However, there is nothing barbaric at all  about the sort of thing that leads to the second photo…




One comment

  1. Humans evolved from plant and fruit eating apes, and we still have that underlying psychology – that means we love to pick the ripest fruit from the tree, the greenest leaves, the more delicious looking and succulent the better. No herbivore wants to eat rotten, decaying, diseased, smelly food.

    Carnivores, however, go after the sick and lame, because they’re more likely to catch their dinner that way. It’s been found that wolves and some dogs can smell cancer – it tickles their taste buds like a lovey ripe strawberry on the bush does for humans.

    That herbivore psychology we have has unfortunately been transferred over to our meat-eating and trophy-hunting behaviours. We want the best animals, the biggest, the strongest, the handsomest. That has a majorly bad side-effect – carnivores in the wild improve the gene pool of the prey animal by removing the the sick and the diseased. Humans remove the best animals and hence the best genes from our prey animals, degregading their gene pool and eventually leading to the extinction of vast numbers of species.

    Any hunter, no matter how royal, that tells you he deliberately goes after the old and the lame is simply lying. If he’s not lying then he should immediately be studied as a scientific wonder that goes against everything we know about psychology.

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