A Tory Story – Part 1

Somewhere in Westminster, Government aide Maurice Dancer enters the private office of Boris Osborne, Mayor of the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the City of London

MD – Boris, we can relax, it’s just been announced that Davidson won’t be running for the Tory leadership.

BO – Davidson? Jim Davidson?

MD – No, Ruth Davidson.

BO – Who?

MD – Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Tories.

BO – I didn’t even know they still existed. Should we have been worried in the first place?

MD – Well, she has been gaining ground in Scotland.

BO – Really!? I thought that was impossible. Is she winning?

MD – No.

BO – Going to gain some more Westminster seats? Take something off the SNP?

MD – No, not according to the latest polls. Maybe in the Scottish Parliament though.

BO –Enough to win?

MD – No, but she might well get one or two more seats in the Scottish Parliament because Scottish Labour are so hopeless, but the SNP are still going to have a majority.

BO – Then why are you bothering me with this? Jockland is toxic now Morris, don’t bring it up again unless it affects us here.

MD – Yes sir. (as he exits he can be seen dialling an 0141 number on his mobile).


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