No Pedestals Here

_88472838_palmerSo you might have seen some of this puerile, infantile nonsense

Mr Trump ridiculed Mr Rubio for applying make-up backstage at the debate, saying it looked like he put it on with a trowel. He even suggested he needs make-up to cover up his ears.

Mr Rubio said he saw Mr Trump applying makeup backstage, as well, because he had a “sweat moustache” he needed to cover up.

Oh there is more, there is definitely more…

Mr Trump poked fun at Mr Rubio’s sweating habits, calling him a “nervous basket case” who perspires more than anyone he had ever seen.

“It’s disgusting,” he said. “We need somebody that doesn’t have whatever it is that he’s got.”

Apart from the obvious problem, which is that these two furious idiots are competing for a position of power, and that the public seems disposed to let them do so, there is another thing that British media tend to do in such situations, which is pretend that it is all just silly Americans.

They do this whilst turning a blind eye to the more cretinous aspects of UK political behaviour, which are more or less the same.






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