The Scottish Independence Podcast 114 – On Land Ownership/Reform, with Lesley Riddoch

Brian-Cox-Scottish-Parliament“The Land Reform Bill we have in front of us at the moment is just a start, and a pretty tentative one at that. It needs beefed up.” – Lesley Riddoch

When it comes to land ownership and distribution it must be said that Scotland is an international oddball.

A number of factors have contributed to the unusual situation we find ourselves in and in this episode I spoke with journalist, activist and fellow podcaster Lesley Riddoch about what those factors, are and what can be done about the situation, both in the countryside and in the cities.

Furthermore, is the Scottish Government in a compromised position or does the it lack the power, or indeed, the will.

How do the local and city councils come into the story?

We talked about all this and about some of the groups and people involved in trying to do something about the situation (links below).

Lesley also asks that you go to this link and sign their petition.

Hope you enjoy…

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Sites you can look at for more information on these problems and how you can get involved…


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