Media Studies Friday – 7 – Rocky 4

Media studies 7 is perhaps the easiest question to answer so far, and therefore perhaps the clearest example.

Rocky 4 is a terrible film for any number of reasons, no doubt about it.

But let’s think about one aspect of it for a second.

Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis allegations, Linford Christie allegations, Justin Gatlin, baseball players, boxers, footballers and hundreds more western athletes have been caught or highly suspected of using illegal or unethical performance-enhancing substances.

Although most of the examples I have given were from later than the film, the fact that a of people were at it was also known at the time that the terrible film that is Rocky 4 was made.

So why would a cold war era hollywood film try to insinuate that a terrible Russian came to the west to cheat and lie his way to the honest western people’s title?

FYI – Yes, the eastern bloc athletes were at it as well at that time.


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