Media Studies Friday – 6 – In Safe Hands?

blairgrilledThe Chilcot Inquiry has still not reported and with every passing day the criticism regarding this increases.

So my question today is this, if you wanted to make a documentary to convince the public, even if it won’t necessarily be true, that everything will be fair and above board and done with a real intent of finding the truth, wouldn’t you make something similar to the BBC Profile show of John Chilcott?

Have a listen to it, the technique is interesting. Get a couple of little criticisms in at the beginning and end and then give it heavy with the adoring praise.



  1. I tried listening to the iPlayer download twice but only heard the tolling of Big Ben – just silence after the intro.

    I guess the sound of Big Ben then silence is probably as informative as the final Chilcot report is likely to be but just in case I can pick up a tip or two from the BBC I’ll download the programme and hope it is complete and playable.

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