It’s Coming, Watch For It

Those of you who have been watching both the media and Scottish politics in the last few years will have noticed that particularly, but not only, in the run-up to the referendum, the titles that happen to have both Scottish and English versions tend to print quite different things on both sides of the border. They sometimes do it on the same day but at other times wait a couple of days depending on the situation. I present a few modest examples below…

expresses1 ByUIGsVCcAE4-UQ mailsThe idea occurs to me that before long the apocalyptic stories that we are seeing in the English editions about Corbyn may well be spun differently  as positive reasons for Scots to stay in the UK.

This may happen because the UK media at large (in both senses) still realise that Scottish votes don’t make much difference, but if the Jocks are to be pacified then they must at least have some hope of a decent left-wing alternative.

It’s coming, watch for it.

For the record, so far Corbyn has given the scene in England a massive shake-up and appointed an unelected Lord as Justice Secretary.


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