Again With The Separatists

cat1In recent days David Cameron has being saying almost the exact same words with regard to Catalonian independence that Spanish ministers were saying last year with regard to Scottish Independence. You might almost think they had a similar problem and were working together.

The certainty of the Spanish and UK governments on the position of states that have seceded from another within the EU zone is at odds with a somewhat less clear legal position, and you could also think they were trying to frighten people.

You could also ask why the BBC prefer to use the word “separatists” on the title page of the site, but then use a more positive phrasing when you open the article up.

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans rallied in Barcelona on Friday to show support for independence from Spain.

NB – it has nothing to do with space on the page. There are many titles that are much longer than that on the same page.



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