Guards In, Guards Out

imagesIt’s been interesting and refreshing in the last couple of days to see many people involved with Labour, from politicians to donors to activists, coming out with messages of support for the #refugeeswelcome campaign.

The rebranding of the current crisis from the usual “waves of migrants” and the more disgusting Katie Hopkins type rhetoric, to now calling it a humanitarian crisis (which it always was), has allowed them to sidestep their previous anti-immigration rhetoric (which included going so far as to sell the mug in the image above).

B-eGg_1IMAA_2eyHowever, whilst it is nice to see they finally seem to have the right idea and that is always to be welcomed, it’s worth noting that this headline was generated during the independence referendum, not because Miliband particularly  wanted to keep people living in Scotland out of England, it was rather that he was responding to allegations that Scotland may become a “soft-touch” for migrants, who would then try to make their way down into England.

To return to the matter in hand, this always was a humanitarian crisis and the fact that some of the parties have now been shamed by the public into doing a u-turn, or at least taking some sort of stance on it, does not excuse the fact that most of them were too scared of the reaction of the tabloids to have taken a position and started some real action already.


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