The Scottish Independence Podcast 111 – Prof John Robertson

ByUIGsVCcAE4-UQ“Good Morning Scotland were almost shameless”.

It has rightly been mentioned in some quarters that before we proceed to indyref 2, the Yes side are going to have to seriously look at what could have been different in indyref 1, and look at how to improve or counteract. In that spirit then I spoke to Professor John Robertson about the book he has written focusing on the media coverage of the referendum and the report on this year’s general election.

You can download the book here –  propagandascotlandreferendum2014

and the election report here – Propaganda or Professionalism

CAzl1BYWoAEzuIgWe talked about how bias can be caused by different factors and how it can manifest itself in different ways, John explained why he thinks devolving the BBC is not perhaps the solution we are hoping for and, as you can see above, we had a few words about Good Morning Scotland.

Hope you enjoy…

You can download here if you right click THIS LINK and “save as”

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  1. THe SNP Media centre on their website regularly post direct links to the Herald, the Daily Record,

    The Grun, and yes – the BBC.

    Here’s a recent one with a direct link to the BBC website

    I use the contact form on the website to recommend

    to link to their pages without giving them page hits. I remind them that this is the organisation that gave us this

    and this

    The SNP Media centre have “noted” my comments.

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