The Scottish Independence Podcast 110 – EUr Left Hand In, EUr Left Hand Out

For the 110th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Neil Davidson, an academic and writer, and Colin Fox, leader of the Scottish Socialist Party.

It’s a slightly different episode in that it is 2 discussions about the EU, both from a socialist perspective. motivator1228853One of the interviews makes the left wing case for leaving the EU, and the other makes the left wing case for staying in the EU.

These interviews were conducted a couple of months ago for the SSP podcast, who asked me to do a few interviews for them and I accepted (NB – as ever, the Scottish Independence Podcast is unaligned with any party or group and regular listeners will know we regularly feature SNP, SSP, Greens, Labour for Indy, Libdems for Indy and all sorts of unaligned people and independent groups).

The reason for doing these interviews is that in the coming months we are going to hear a lot about the merits and problems of the EU, but they are mostly going to come from rightwing persIMG-20150308-WA0028pectives – this is why it is important to start giving some perspectives from the other side of the argument early.  I suppose you could call it a bit of public service broadcasting, given that official public service broadcasters don’t seem to do that much of it anymore.

Hope you enjoy…

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