Today’s Rational Hero Is…Marvin!

20150125_192900WARNING – This is a non-politics post – but it may have to do with advanced silliness in the field of medicine.

Last night someone phoned us to say that an acquaintance has a dog that was in need of a transfusion. They needed a dog that was older than 2, in good health, and bigger than 25kg, and that is Marvin.

We offered to help and organised to take him along to give the blood today. However, we also tried to find out what was going on with the dog that was in poor health. It seems that the dog has a sort of mass that bleeds and they wanted to give him a transfusion before they do a difficult operation to remove it, to see if he picks up a bit.

20150711_102753Furthermore, the dog had had this problem for some time and the owner had taken him to a homeopathic “vet” that had been giving him homeopathic “medicine” (feel free to substitute all words such as “homeopathy”, “homeopathic” etc with “water” – hopefully this way we will get rid of it quicker).

Obviously, the water that this “vet” had been giving him had done nothing and the problem worsened. At this point the owner decided to take the dog to an actual vet, who suggested the course of action the dog is currently on (he’s had the transfusion of Marvin’s blood now and is seeming a little brighter, he’ll be operated on Monday).

Other than the image below that is all I really have to say on the matter, other than the fact that Marvin is a star. Throughout the whole process not even one bark came out, he took the whole thing and even played with vet after. He’s now sleeping the whole thing off.



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