The Scottish Independence Podcast 107 – Chris Cairns & Greg Moodie

xmastoonFor the 107th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Chris Cairns & Greg Moodie. Chris and Greg have come to prominence in recent years with their cartoons and illustrations depicting the various actors and their activities on the Scottish and UK political stages, and you’ll probably have seen their work on Wings Over Scotland, Bella Caledonia and many other places.

I asked them both if they became politicised before beginning their artwork or if it was the other way round. We talked about where the inspiration for thnpgj8i2400gzr0py1jir6sbo49i0sfe work comes from and whether it is fair to kick someone when they are down. Chris had something to say about the downplaying of the electoral earthquake that hit us a month or so ago too.

We also threw in something about Steve Bell.

Finally, as usual, I asked them why they support Scottish Independence.

Hope you enjoy…

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