The Scottish Independence Podcast 106 – Allan Grogan

allan-grogan1-e1413994147161For the 106th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Allan Grogan. Allan was the founding member of Labour for Indy, a campaign group during the referendum which was in an almost unique position of campaigning against the policy of its own party’s stated position.

We talked about that and the accusations that were levelled at the group that they were an SNP front. We also talked about where the Labour Party can now go from the difficult position they find themselves in.

Alan explained his reasons for resigning from Labour and joining the SSP too.

Near the end we got on to Indyref 2 – when, if, how and what? Finally, the picture below caused some confusion, so I endeavoured to get Allan to clear it up.

Hope you enjoy… Bmyn3ZyCUAAL1eJ

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