The Polling Station 11 – Project Fear 2 – This Time It’s England

nonsenseThe Polling Station is a podcast of around 5 minutes with short informative little pieces on the election matters that are being missed, evaded, obfuscated or terminalogically inexactituded in the normal election coverage. It’ll be every day between now and the election, with Ivan McKee, myself and others. It also features William Duguid‘s Terminalogical Inexactitude of the day.

As we get closer to the election it appears that project fear is on its way back, but this time … it’s England. Yes, the Tories are trying to hard to scare the living daylights out of the English voters in order to stop them voting Labour. Ivan and I had a chat about if it’s likely to work or not.

Also, William Duguid speaks of the Libdems and what to make of their promises – there’s a meal ticket in there somewhere.

This is the 11th episode, you can find the others here

Hope you enjoy…


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