The Polling Station 5 – UKIP & Immigration

The Polling Station is a podcast of around 5 minutes with short informative little pieces on the election matters that are being missed, evaded, obfuscated or terminalogically inexactituded in the normal election coverage. It’ll be every day between now and the election, with Ivan McKee, myself and others.

kilroy-mail-1024x582This is the 5th episode, you can find the others here.

In this episode we look at UKIP and their attitude to Scotland, as well as some of the more unusual declarations from some members or former members of that party. That of course brought us onto immigration, which was the main focus of the discussion. With such a poisonous atmosphere surrounding the issue, it can be hard to come out and say that Scotland could actually do with more, not less, immigration.

Hope you enjoy…

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