The Scottish Independence Podcast 102 – Kathleen Caskie

10369610_10152830551223025_2097852633117731428_nFor the 102nd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Kathleen Caskie who is the co-coordinator of the Women For Independence Group.

We started off on the worldwide political gamechanger that is/was Labour’s pink bus. However, after that we got down to more serious matters such as the work that Women for Independence have been doing since their inception and what the future holds for them.

We then spoke about more general matters including the surge, the upcoming general election and if the parliament should be 50/50 in terms of gender balance.

In the middle of all that we got into the Cash for Access scandal and some of the other things going on at Westminster.

We also had a look back at the Yes campaign and what its legacy will be.

Hope you enjoy…326362_437125932991413_423378730_o

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