Stephen Nolan Is Not Your Daddy

441In the previous post I stated that things on Russia Today should be taken with caution, and I’ll happily stand by that.

It should also be noted that things on the BBC should also be taken with the deepest caution.

Here is a link to one of the worst interviews I have ever heard. Stephen Nolan of BBC Five Live is speaking to some members of a hacking group. The interview is prefaced with another interview which is there solely to make the listener feel hostile to the people who are then subsequently interviewed. The childishness is apparent from the first minute as before we get to the hackers we are encouraged to feel the pain of someone who likes computer games. This deep-rooted pain is because he couldn’t play online for a few hours.

After it has been established by the inconvenienced gamer that these evil-doers are doing much worse things than selling arms or starting illegal wars and so on, we then get to the hackers themselves.

Throughout the discussion Nolan adopts the style of a by turns angry or disappointed father, speaking to a child who just doesn’t quite get it.

It really is an extraordinary listen, and even the most ardent defenders of the BBC are going to have trouble with this one.

A youtube version of the interview has cut the preface, and gives a slightly different impression too.

Media studies gold, all of it.


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