The Scottish Independence Podcast 97 – Professor John Robertson

280830-professor-john-robertson-from-university-of-the-west-of-scotland-in-holyrood-march-11-2014For the second Scottish Independence Podcast interview after the referendum, I spoke with Professor John Robertson (who was also on the podcast about 7 months ago).

The last time we spoke about his research into BBC bias in the referendum and his appearance at the Scottish Parliament (also featured here), so this time we moved on to the period surrounding the referendum and the barrage of Unionist propaganda, knowing or otherwise, in the last few days before the vote.

We also talked about the reaction of the SNP with Salmond and Swinney both saying something about the BBC in recent days. But did they say too much, or not enough?

Was the whole process fair? And if it wasn’t fair, why and how?

Apart from that, we talked about the explosion in membership for the pro-indy parties and where the Yes movement can go from here.

To throw in a final teaser, why do Scottish academics often have to speak to Welshmen?

thumb-noam-chomsky-quote-35507There’s that and more in the new episode.

For example,we both have time for Noam Chomsky.

Hope you enjoy

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